If you were to compile a list of the most stressful days that the average person can encounter, moving day would likely be on that list. Although moving day can certainly be exciting, it's also common to experience stress due to the magnitude of things to do on this day. There are several things you can do to keep your stress at bay. Perhaps the biggest thing to do is to hire a moving service to help you pack and to transport your items. The calming presence of these professionals can go a long way to help you keep your calm. Here are some other steps that you can take.

Play Music In The Background

Music can be an effective way to combat stress, so make sure that it's a part of your moving day. When it comes to selecting the music that you'll play, opt for something that's a little more relaxing. Classical music or jazz, for example, can be pleasant to have in the background. If you've already packed up your stereo system, use an MP3 player docking system and set it up in a common area so that you'll be able to hear it regardless of where you are in the house.

Have Everyone's Role Assigned

Even with moving professionals taking charge of the day, you and your family members, and possibly some friends, will be keeping busy. You'll experience less stress on moving day if you take the time to ensure that everyone has a role to play. Going over everything that needs to be done and clearly assigning it will prevent something from slipping through the cracks — and causing your stress to skyrocket. You might even think of writing up duty lists to give to each person helping out. For example, one person's duty list could be to empty the backyard shed, stack the garden furniture, take down the tire swing, and tend to other duties in the backyard. This person can check off the tasks as they're completed, ensuring that nothing gets forgotten.

Relocate Your Pets

Having pets underfoot on moving day can be dangerous and stressful — and the pets might even be stressed, too. Instead of contending with your cat and/or dog, relocate them in advance of the move. A simple way to deal with them is to leave them at a friend or family member's home. If such accommodations aren't available, take the pets to a local boarding facility until the move is complete and you can pick them up.

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