You've signed on the dotted line and received the keys to your new condo. Now it's time to haul your stuff into your new home. However, moving into a condo is not the same as moving into a single-family home. Here are two things you need to do before the actual day you need to relocate to make the process as smooth as possible.

Secure the Elevator

Condos are—more often than not—located in apartment-style buildings. As such, you'll either have to contend with stairs or an elevator to get your belongings into your new home. If your condo building has an elevator, it's a good idea to determine the best time to use it to avoid inconveniencing other residents.

For example, in some areas, people leave for work between 7 and 8 am. Therefore, you probably don't want the movers to start doing their thing until after 9 or 10 to avoid hogging the elevator when people are trying to leave. Talk to the manager to get a sense of when the elevator is used the most and schedule your move around that time.

Alternatively, see if your building has a service elevator and reserve it if it does. This way, you can still get your stuff to your condo and avoid using the main elevators completely.

Take Measurements

If you have large pieces of furniture—such as a giant bookcase or piano—then you should measure the elevator, stairs, hallways, and doors to ensure they can fit. This may not be a problem if you're moving from an apartment (or another condo) to your new condo, as people tend to purchase small things to fit in these usually small spaces.

People moving from single-family homes are more likely to have things that may not be easily transferred from that home type to a condo, however. So if this describes your situation, taking time to take measurements can help you plan and prepare for issues that may come up because of oversized items. For instance, you could disassemble your giant bookcase to make it easier to move into your condo.

Moving to a condo can be exciting, but it's critical you consider all aspects of the move to reduce the risk of complications and hiccups in the process developing. For more tips on making this kind of move or to schedule a time for movers to help you with your relocation, contact a local moving company such as Midway Moving & Storage.