Moving your home can be an overwhelming and exciting experience, with endless arrangements to be made and the need for plenty of packing. Your hands will likely be full come moving day, which is why it helps to hire a local mover to come to your aid.

The professionals can handle the heavy lifting and transport, making your move a lot less stressful. Unfortunately, there are numerous false pointers you may receive from friends and family that may derail you as you plan your move. Read on to debunk some misconstrued facts and perceived misconceptions about moving. 

Boxes are boxes

Many folks often don't put much though into the type of moving boxes they use, often thinking that any type of box will get the job done. While it may seem like a good idea to head to the grocery store to ask for free castoff boxes, resist the urge. Substandard boxes may not be strong enough to hold the weight of your stuff, causing them to collapse and cause a moving disaster. Free produce boxes from the grocer could also bring roaches and other unwanted pests into your new home. 

Alternatively, organize with your local mover to supply standard moving boxes that will be easier to stack onto each other on transit, minimizing the risk of them falling apart during the move. Proper cardboard moving boxes are also sturdy and will usually have top and bottom flaps that enable them to be taped shut to keep off dust and prevent items from falling off.

Standard moving boxes will also have a designated area for writing what is inside the box and hand cutouts on both sides for easier carrying.  Be sure to avoid boxes that are wider than your shoulder, as they force you to hold your arms out and away from your body, which could result in injury or tire you much faster. 

Labeling moving boxes is not necessary

The notion that labeling boxes is an unnecessary, last-minute task could cause you hours of frustration while unpacking at your new residence. The truth is that marking boxes carefully is an important part of the move that could help you determine which room each box goes to. This ensures that movers leave everything in its rightful place, saving you the hassle of dragging boxes from room to room while unpacking. 

Proper labeling entails color coding each box so it is easier for everyone to know which room it goes to. You should also use a marker with a thick tip for easy readability and put an arrow facing up on both sides of the boxes to let movers know how the boxes should stand. 

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