Moving day is one of the busiest days any family can experience, but it's possible to make less work for yourself on this big day by planning in advance. In the weeks leading up to your scheduled moving day, think about renting a storage unit. Ideally, it should be somewhere between your current home and the home you'll soon be moving into. Between the time you rent the unit and your moving day, you can transport items into the storage unit that aren't necessary to deal with right away in your new home. This can save on stressful clutter and make the process of unpacking your new home go more quickly. Once things settle down, you can empty out the storage unit and add its contents to your home. Here are some things to store.

Seasonal Items

Items that you'll only use during a specific season can add work and stress to your moving day, making them perfect for putting in storage before you move. For example, if you're moving in the middle of winter, figuring out what to do with a patio set, a children's sandbox, or multiple bicycles is the last thing you want to do. Likewise, a summer move shouldn't be slowed down by handling toboggans, skis, and other winter recreational gear. When the move is complete, or the appropriate season arrives, you can visit your storage unit to deal with these items.

Overly Fragile Items

One of the things that can make your moving day stressful is the constant concern that something fragile will get broken. Boxes of fine china, art, and other such fragile items require constant care on moving day, which can slow down your progress. It's a good idea to think about moving these items into storage before you move. You probably won't be hosting a large gathering that requires the use of your fine china right away, nor will you be hanging art immediately after the move.


If you're an avid reader, you might have dozens of boxes' worth of books in your home. Think about taking these boxes to storage first. Books can be challenging to move on moving day — because of their weight, those carrying them can often only do so one box at a time, which can waste a significant amount of time. Since you won't likely need your books immediately upon moving, you can keep them in the storage unit and then make a handful of trips from the unit to your new home when you have the time and energy.