Driving across state lines with a truck full of your possessions behind you is especially challenging when you have kids. Not only is the idea of packing up and leaving home a lot for kids the handle, but the physical aspect of moving – actually sitting in the car for hours on end and observing as you pack things away – can be draining. To protect everyone's sanity, try following these tips for moving with kids.

Try driving overnight.

If possible, try to drive to your new destination at night rather than in the daytime. Your kids will be tired from all of the packing, so they're likely to doze off while you drive. The peace and quiet will give you time to think and plan what you need to do when you arrive at your destination. Plus, there's less traffic at night, so you'll probably make better time. Just make sure you know how to use the lights on the moving truck before you depart.

Don't be afraid to hire movers.

You might pay a little more to have someone else move your items than to rent a moving truck and drive yourself, but the extra cost is probably worth your sanity. You may want to pack up the essentials – some clothing, toiletries, and basic kitchen supplies – and move these with you in your personal vehicle so you and the kids can make yourselves at home in the new place before the movers arrive.

If possible, visit the new location beforehand.

You'll probably visit your new home at least once or twice to ensure everything is in order. When possible, bring the kids along for one of these visits. This way, they will have a better idea of what to expect in terms of the move, and they won't be as stressed out and anxious about the situation. Calmer kids equals calmer parents.

Hire a babysitter when you're trying to complete more challenging moving-related tasks.

If your kids are old enough, it's good to let them participate in the packing and moving process so that it feels more like a family endeavor than something they're being forced into. Still, when it comes time to deal with more intricate aspects of moving, like getting an estimate from a moving company or taking apart your furniture, it might be best to hire a babysitter to supervise them so you can focus fully on the moving-related tasks. Making mistakes because you're distracted and trying to supervise the kids will only make your move more time-consuming in the long term.

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