You are about to be moving and you can't stand the thought of forgetting something – whether it is leaving your action figure collection behind, failing to properly pack your grandmother's china, or changing your address in time. Her are three things that a lot of people tend to forget – or don't realize that they actually need to do – before they move:

1. Give Your Auto Insurance Company a Call

The Department of Motor Vehicles recommends that individuals inform their auto insurance company that they will be moving as soon as possible. While many people assume that they should only do this if they are moving states, the notification needs to be made even if the move is local. This is because even a new neighborhood could cause insurance rates to decrease or increase because of lower/higher crime rates, less/more traffic, lower/higher risk of natural disasters, etc.

2. Cancel Any Recurring Memberships, Subscriptions, and Other Charges

It isn't uncommon to have a long list of payments that are set up to be charged to your credit or debit card automatically, ranging from bills to gym memberships. It is important to ensure that all of these that will no longer be used are canceled prior to moving. This should usually be done at least a month prior to the move, as many establishments, such as gyms, will require a 30-day notice when a service transfer is not available. Forgetting to cancel these charges will leave you with unnecessary debt each month until you find the time to cancel them.

3. Change Your Address

Many people think that they can wait until the day before they move to request a change of address; however, this is not true if they want to receive their mail in a timely fashion at the new address. In fact. it is recommended to put in a change of address with the United States Postal Service (USPS) at least two weeks before you move, as they say you shouldn't expect to start receiving mail at the new address for 7-10 business days. For convenience, you can fill out an online change of address form.

With the aforementioned information, you will be able to rest easy during your move and settle into your new digs with the peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of. Click here for more info on ways you can make your move easier.