If you plan on moving in the near future, there are certain items that you need to prepare for the move before any movers come to your home to start the moving process. If you have a piano that you plan to take with you when you move, it is important for you to properly prepare it before moving day arrives. The guide that follows walks you through a few quick tips for preparing your piano for a move.

Take Pictures of the Condition of the Piano

The first thing you need to do is take pictures of the piano to ensure that you can show the condition that it was in before it was moved. Be sure to take a picture of every side of the piano, the foot pedals, and the interior of the piano. Have the pictures printed before the day of the move and provide the movers with a set of the pictures and have them initial a set of the pictures for you to keep to indicate that they agree that they are in fact pictures that prove the condition of the piano. If anything happens during the move, the pictures will prove that the piano was damaged during the move.

Protect the Interior of the Piano

Fill the inside of the piano with newspaper to protect the wires, dampers, and hammers from being damaged. Newspaper will not damage the inner workings of the piano and will absorb any condensation that may develop inside of the piano during the move.

Tape Down the Top and Key Cover

Use painters tape to tape down the top of the piano and the cover that closes over the keys. This will protect the keys from being damaged and ensure that the top and cover do not slam open and shut during the move. This could cause them to become cracked, dented, or completely broken during the move.

When you hire movers to move the piano for you, it is important to make sure that they wrap the piano in moving blankets to protect it from being dented or dinged during the move. The blankets should be secured with packing tape to ensure that they do not move around inside of the truck and fall off of the piano. The movers should be able to move the piano without sliding it along the floor because that could scratch the floor and cause damage to the piano at the same time.

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